Bamboo & rattan

Bamboo & rattan

In the village in the mountainas area of central Vietnam where the Pako group lives and where the bamboo and rattan products are produced, these natural materials are some of the most valuable materials they have. Here you can see things made out of bamboo and rattan everywhere, everything from houses, brooms and kitchen utensils that are spoon-cut in bamboo whenever needed.

The creativity what these natural materials can be used for sees no boundaries here.

They also plays an important role in the spiritual life of the Pako people. They put bamboo and rattan items in their dead relative coffins so they can use these for their next life.

At Form – a nomad design studio we love bamboo and rattan for so many reasons.

No 1 is because these natural materials and the craft have brought us together. A friendship and partnership that have evolved over several years and forever will stay in our hearts.

Surround yourself with natural materials

Form - a nomad design studio in Vietnam

Bamboo and rattan are beautiful natural materials bringing a warm and friendly feeling to the products and also to the interiors where they are placed.

Bring the nature indoors

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 Pako bamboo table - handcrafted

Facts about bamboo & rattan

Rattan and bamboo are light and durable materials often used in rural people’s home and play a big role as a source of income in these rural villages in tropical areas of south and southeast Asia.

Did you know that:


  • bamboo belongs to the grass family and is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and grows naturally without pesticides or fertilizers.
  • There are around 1000 different bamboo species. The bamboo which the Pako group use have a long distance between the nodes which makes this bamboo specie the perfect bamboo to use for weaving the bicyle bags.
  • The bamboo is not harvested by being pulled up by the roots but instead the bamboo is cut off and can then continue to grow and be harvested again and again.
  • Bamboo sprouts can be cooked and eaten. A delicious vegetable we often eat when in Vietnam.


  • Rattan mainly grows in tropical regions as southeast Asia which Vietnam belongs to.
  • Rattan is a winding plant that winds up on other plants to reach the sunlight.
  • Rattan can reach a length up to 100 meters


As you can read bamboo and rattan are true natural materials growing in the garden of the global earth, bringing not only beautiful sceneries to our planet but also raw materials, food and crafts to us.

Pako bamboo bicycle bag - handcrafted

We hope you will love these natural materials as much as we do and the crafts we have designed for you!

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Follow us on our journey towards a craft revolution!



She is so creative, dedicated and good hearted. It is wonderful to see how she has been supporting the ethnic minority people in Vietnam to creatively participating in producing and trading their products based on their own tradition. I am proud of her achieving that project with the Vietnamese tribe.

/Quang Ho Sy former manager of the organisation MCNV Dong Ha office in Quang Tri province Vietnam



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 Weaving Pako bamboo bag


Warm greetings from all of us at Form - a nomad design studio


More information about bamboo and rattan at WWF.